Kids Fall Crafts

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Kids Fall Crafts

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As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change, get your kids in the spirit of the season with these family-friendly fall crafts!


Build a Haunted House

Gather the craft supplies and safety scissors! Create a spooky haunted house from construction paper! Cut out bats, cats, ghouls and ghosts to add on! If you’re kids are more tech-savvy, create a competition to make a haunted house using a paint application like Tux Paint for little ones, Paint or Sketchable for older kids.


Fall Leaf Lanterns

Pick up some dollar-store candle holders or jars and gather some leaves. Use Mod Podge and seal in those beautiful fall colors for festive décor!


Make an Autumnal Wreath

Use supplies you’ve already got at home or pick up a few wreath bases in the craft section of the dollar store. Decorate with ribbon, pinecones, leaves, flowers and more!


Tissue Paper Fall Trees

Using a paper plate as a base, glue down different colored tissue paper to create the look of fall leaves changing colors. Use brown craft paper to make the tree trunk!


Hello Fall

Make a “Hello Fall!” sign to hang at the front door. Make shapes like acorns, leaves, squirrels and more!


Glitter Leave Garland

Collect large leaves and use glue or Mod Podge to spread a thin layer. Then sprinkle with fall-colored glitters and hang them on a branch with twine or ribbon. This will make an eye-catching garland to hang over the mantle.



Beaded Napkin Rings

If you’re hosting for Thanksgiving, have the kids create festive and fun beaded napkin rings using pipe cleaners and beads!


30 Days of Thanks

Create Thanks-giving jars for each family member. For the month of November, have family members place notes of gratitude for each other and after the Thanksgiving meal, let everyone read their notes and share if they’d like.