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Mindfulness for Kids

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As schools continue with distance learning, many families are feeling the stress of being cooped up. Keeping kids engaged and entertained while working and schooling from home can be stressful! By exemplifying mindfulness and teaching these skills to your kids, you’ll equip them with the ability to self-sooth, emotionally regulate and keep their cool in stressful situations. Here’s a list of our favorite mindfulness activities for beginners.


Deep Breathing

The first step to stress regulation is taking a few deep breaths. The simplest way to get kids to take a deep breath is the 4x4x4 rule. Instruct kids to breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds. Start with the goal of 1 minute. Work your way up to 5 minutes over the next week. Breathing deeply and slowly will help their nervous system reset from the heightened state of stress to rest and relaxation mode.


Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a great way to get kids using their imagination for self-esteem building, emotional regulation and stress relief. There are thousands of videos available on YouTube, as well as hundreds of apps available on the Apple Store or App Store that can get kids engaged by way of relaxing story-telling.



Numerous studies show the benefits of yoga when it comes to both kids and adults. Browse free options available online and find kid-friendly yoga channels to get kids actively engaged in their own wellness. Many kids’ yoga channels incorporate family favorite characters and stories like Frozen, Moana and much more.



Journaling has long been a great mindfulness tool. It allows one to express themselves, vent daily frustration and clear the mind. Buy a special notebook and get kids engaged with this practice early and often. The habit of journaling can benefit kids of all ages!



Coloring, especially mandalas or pattern-based pictures can be a great mindfulness tool. By contemplating a problem or situation for a few moments, then engaging in coloring, the mind is allowed to problem-solve in a passive way. Often, as a picture is completed, the answer will simply come to mind in an easy way, like an Aha! moment.


Blowing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a perfect and simple mindfulness activity, as it engaged the senses, evokes joy, and gets kids breathing deeply!